Sunday, March 7, 2021

シアトルの初春 占星術 Some people see spiritualism as akin to astrology.

質問 ー スピリチュアリズムを占星術と同類と見ている人がいます。その人たちは、人生の出来事が星によって宿命づけられ操られていると考えていますが。








Question - Some people see spiritualism as akin to astrology. They think that the events of life are destined and manipulated by the stars.

Life consists of a series of vibrations, radiations, and emissions, and is influenced by all aspects of the universe. It's true that they have some effect on you, but none of them have irresistible power.

Just because a star was on the eastern horizon on the day of birth does not mean that life is destined for it.

Every celestial body, every natural object, every existence in the universe, every life form will have some influence. However, the master is you. The ultimate responsibility lies with you, and the degree of spiritual evolution determines your destiny.

What I mean is that you too are part of God, and because you are part of the power that created this universe, because you have divinity, because you have creativity, It means that you can overcome the power of trying to control the universe.

To put it simply, I am one of the influences. The people you associate with also have some influence. The books you read are also influential. But it's just an influence. It will not overwhelm you or be absolutely dominated by it.

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