Friday, September 10, 2021

シアトルの初秋 三次元の障壁から脱し         When you get out of the three-dimensional barrier



単に物的感覚の延長にすぎない透視、透聴の類いの心霊的能力 psychic powers によっても予知できますし、

霊視・霊聴の類いの霊感 spiritual powers によっても知ることができます。psychic と spiritual は同じではありません。いわゆるESP(Extra Sensory Perception 超感覚的知覚)は人間の霊性には何のかかわりはなく、単なる五感の延長にすぎないことがあります」





問「今の質問者が言っているのは、たとえば二月一日に生まれた人間はみんな同じような   影響を受けるのかという意味だと思うのですが・・・・・・」





The reason why human beings distinguish between the present and the past is due to the special circumstances of the three-dimensional world of the earth, and time originally has neither the past nor the future. When you break out of the three-dimensional barrier and come into contact with the original time, you will know that it will be the future for you now and now. 
However, what it means for the person to predict the future in this way is another matter.

It can be predicted by the psychic powers of clairvoyance and hearing, which are merely extensions of physical sensations.

You can also find out by inspirational powers, which is a kind of spiritual vision and hearing. psychic and spiritual are not the same. So-called ESP (Extrasensory Perception) has nothing to do with human spirituality and may be just an extension of the five senses. "

Q "There is astrology, but does birthday dominate a person's life?"

Silver Birch "Something that is alive emits some kind of radiation because it has a life. Life is always active in search of expression. In modern terms, that expression is done by wavelength or vibration. All the beings in the middle right are influencing each other.

Thunderstorms also have radiant activity, which has some effect on the human body. Needless to say, the sun radiates light and heat and nurtures life on earth. The trees also radiate the energy they have stored over the years.

In short, all of nature always radiates some energy. Therefore, of course, it is also affected by other planets. Of course, it is physical energy, so it affects the body.

However, no energy or radioactive material has a direct effect on the soul. The only effect is that the physical effect indirectly extends to the soul. "

Q "I think the current questioner is saying, for example, are all human beings born on February 1st affected in the same way ..."

Silver Birch "There is absolutely no such thing, because the soul is superior to matter. No matter what physical influence the body is under, there is nothing that the inhabiting spirit cannot conquer. It depends.

In any case, as far as the physical body is concerned, all babies are born with a special physical personality as part of the evolutionary process. It is not affected in any way by the day it stays in the mother's body as a foetation or the birthday on the ground.

However, regardless of their physical character or environment, human beings are souls. The soul has infinite possibilities.

No environment can be overcome as long as the soul's original power is exerted. However, unfortunately, most human beings have their souls swayed by physical conditions ... "

   Silver Birch 

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