Friday, September 17, 2021

シアトルの秋 究極の存在と融合  It will merge with the ultimate being in the infinite circulation.

G.V. オーエン 著  ベールの彼方の生活

善悪を超えて      一九一七年十二月十七日  日曜日






Life beyond the veil    
December 17, 1917

As human beings gradually expand their individuality, as human beings gradually expand their individuality, as they still spread and finally flow into the sea and lose their independence and become indistinguishable, a large sea of ​​light that cannot be seen from the earth where they were born. Immerse yourself in it.

However, human beings have individuality on one side and individuality on the other, just as seawater does not fundamentally change the nature of river water, but rather enriches its essence and adds new things. Even if you immerse yourself in the ocean of life, you will still retain your individual existence, and the rich personality that you have accumulated up to that point will be transformed into the infinite things at the beginning and end, the movement and the stillness, and the energy. It will merge with the ultimate being in the infinite circulation.

Also, no matter what kind of fish or aquatic animals are in the river, the sea can afford to harbor even larger and more powerful creatures, and the enormous personality and energy of its ultimate life is beyond our imagination. It will be the most spectacular.

Therefore, we set our immediate goal on our senior spirits, and as long as we don't look away from us, they take care of us even if they are far away. Let's know that.

The source of the flow of life is in the ultimate reality, but it is effectively relayed by its senior spirits to reach our world and the earth. It's enough to know that. We take a sip from the Holy Grail named Destiny, refreshing and enriching our bodies and minds, and move on to our next job.

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