Wednesday, September 22, 2021

シアトルの秋 シルバーバーチの祈り










Oh, a Great  White Spirit. Who can measure your infinite depth of love? Who can explain your divine grace? Who can correctly portray your noble and inviolable dignity?

You are beyond the limited comprehension of us human beings, and are beyond all limits and constraints. You are an infinite spirit, the source of everything that once existed and everything that will ever exist.
Your spirit creates love, and every conscious being is endowed with the attributes of your divinity. It is your spirit that springs up inside you that inflames you in the spirit of idealism, self-sacrifice, and service. This means that you are manifested inside human beings, and in that sense, human beings can be said to be ghosts in the smallest form.

We want your children to be aware of all their spiritual qualities, attributes and talents. Without that recognition, humans would live in ignorance. It's the same as going to the battlefield without a weapon.

On the other hand, those who awaken to the reality of their existence are fully equipped and can find joy, beauty, enjoyment, fulfillment and brilliance in "living". It is.

Too many human beings live in the shadow of reality, living in the brilliant sunlight. Due to lack of knowledge that should bring stability, calm and self-confidence, we continue to suffer from many difficulties and inner storms.
What we want to bring to this material world of the earth is knowledge of spiritual reality. It allows children on earth to understand the true ego, their connection with you, and their connection with their compatriots, the bond of love not being broken by death, the connection of love and the connection of blood. You will come to know that it will survive after death.
That is part of our mission, and we have devoted ourselves to that end. Our mission is to spread the truth as widely as possible. It allows children to be armed with theory, guided by reason, and live with an understanding of eternal spiritual power.

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