Tuesday, September 7, 2021

シアトルの初秋 神の天秤には一分(ぶ)の狂いもありません     There is no mistake in God's scale.

 アラン・カルデック 霊の書


Allan Kardec The Spirits Teachings

--There are people who spend their lives in complete peace. You don't have to work hard and you don't have to worry about anything. Is such a life proof that the person did not do anything in his previous life that he had to make up for?
"Do you say you know a lot of people like that? If it's a pile, that's a mistake. It just looks ostensibly. Of course, the case of choosing that kind of life. It's not unthinkable, but even then, when I return to the spirit world, I regret noticing that such a life was of no use and wasted time.
Spirits acquire valuable knowledge and improve their spirituality only in vibrant activities, and if they live a laid-back life, they cannot make progress. Keep this in mind. If you think of such a person as living on the ground, it's like going out to work, eating a nap or taking a nap, and then returning without doing anything.
Please be aware that the useless life that you have lived in that way can be greatly compensated, and that the sin of waste will be a fatal obstacle to your subsequent happiness. The degree of spiritual happiness is properly proportional to the good deeds for a person, and the degree of unhappiness is properly proportional to the degree of bad deeds and the number of people who have been unhappy. There is no mistake in  God's scale. "

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