Wednesday, February 3, 2021

シアトルの冬 物質と霊の2つの世界が1つとなり    Oh, a Great white spirit.

この驚異に満ちた宇宙のすべてに、 あなたの神性の刻印が押されております。 

あなたの霊は、あなたに似せて創造された子供たちが 最高度に魂を高めた次元における行為の中に顕現しております。









Oh, a Great white spirit. We will start with a prayer of gratitude to you. All of this marvelous universe is imprinted with your divinity. Your infinite intelligence creates this universe, your infinite love guides it, and your infinite wisdom maintains it.

Your spirit is ubiquitous in the entire universe, and your providence recognizes all activities. Your spirit is manifested in the actions of the children created in imitation of you in the highest soul-raising dimension.

You have planted your divine seeds in all of your children. Therefore, not only in this earthly life, but also in the spiritual world after it is over, there is a sacred bond between you and your children that can never be broken.

Anyone who enjoys life on earth, no matter where he is, what position, class, race, ethnicity, or nation belongs to, is all part of your life, maintained by your providence, and you. It is united by the spirit of.

Thus the children will not be lost, forgotten, or ignored because they are forever connected to you. By your providence, the children are in the embrace of love and wisdom.

We want to tell you how your children should live in order for their spirits, mind and body to function to their full potential. How to live to recognize the divinity that children have, to be aware of their spiritual qualities, and to own the spiritual grace that they have inherited in the form of a rich and brilliant life. I want to teach you.

By exercising the spiritual qualities of their physical organs, humans will be able to interact with the existence of higher dimensional worlds beyond the realm of matter. They are returning to the earthly sphere with a passion for love and service, transcending the physical slavery they once had.

The two worlds of matter and spirit become one, and by removing the obstacles that impede the influx of spiritual power, inspiration becomes abundant. And the gloomy and darkness that has trapped many people for a long time will be driven away, and a rich life with spiritual brilliance will be brought.
Here is the prayer of your servant , wishing for service to the people.

Silver Birch

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