Friday, May 13, 2022

シアトルの春 神は、内部にその神性の一部を宿らせたはずの我が子が、People are part of that divinity inside, and his child is in the darkness of ignorance.







"We must challenge the ignorance that shouldn't really be. God has a part of that divinity inside, and his child is in the darkness of ignorance. Living inside, walking in the shadows and haze, not knowing how to live, and thinking that there is no good answer, it is not intended to keep asking.

We have prepared an infinite treasure trove of knowledge so that you can fully share what you really want.

However, it is given on condition of the person's soul, growth, effort, evolution and development. The soul must be worthy of it. The spirit must be ripe. The mind must prepare the acceptance system. Only at that stage will knowledge find the place.

It is also given only according to the ability to accept. Even if you can see a blind person, you have to show them little by little according to your eyesight. If you show them all at once, it will hurt your eyes. The same is true of spiritual truth.

As if climbing the ladder step by step, we approach the source of truth step by step, and from there we gradually take ourselves.

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