Wednesday, April 13, 2022

シアトルの春  生きざまによって手本を示す        Set an example by life    











Set an example by life

─── Is there any better way than to set an example?

"But hopefully, nothing is more effective than this.

Please think carefully. It has been a long time since the earth was born. Neither scientists nor geologists know much about the birth of the Earth. That's not unreasonable. It has a long history so that the difference in the number of years of one million units does not matter much.

So to speak, the spirit is in the position of the caretaker of the earth. He is, of course, not a human being. He is not a divine person either. It is a sublime power that I call "the incarnation of love and wisdom." Infinite intelligence, the culmination of all knowledge and all truth.

You also have some knowledge of the earthly world. You also know that all life activities on earth are regulated by the natural law side. There is always a cause in the result.

You will reap the seeds you have sown. The four seasons go around one by one in order. The rotation of the earth does not depend on the earth's axis. The tide repeats ebb and flow, and its accuracy can be calculated properly with mathematical formulas.

Even in the large nebula of the galaxy, each star, each planet, and each constellation in it is moving in its own orbit.

Every plant, flower, fruit, vegetable, bird, human man and woman, and every child is regulated by the unchanging laws of nature, and all possible behaviors and changes are well recognized.

In such a large mechanism, human beings are considered by the spirit to learn by example. You said "Is there any better way?", But there is no such thing. "

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