Monday, April 11, 2022

シアトルの春 耐えることも慈善の一つであり      Enduring is also one of charity







 友よ、勇気を出してください。あなたの模範をキリストに求めてください。あなたたちの誰よりもキリストは苦しみましたが、それを悔いることはありませんでした。あなたたちはあなたたちの過去を償い、未来へ向けて強くならなければいけないのです。ですから、忍耐強く、キリストの教えを守る者であってください。それがすべてです。(ある友人の霊 ルアーウ“ル、1862年)

Gospel by SP-Cadelac
Seven, pain is a grace from God given to those chosen by God. So when you suffer, you shouldn't feel anxious. The first is to worship the Almighty God who has shown your glory in heaven by giving suffering in this world.

Please be patient. Enduring is also one of charity, and you must practice the law of charity taught by Christ sent by God. Giving coins to the poor is the easiest charity. But there is another charity that is more painful and more commendable.

It is the charity that God forgives those who are on our way to test our patience. I am well aware that life is difficult.
Life is full of many trivial things that hurt us as they peck at us.

But we need to know again that if we do the obligations we have, we will receive the price and advice on the one hand, which is far more of a blessing than pain. I have. The load on my back feels lighter when I raise my head and look up than when I lie down.

Friend, please give me courage. Ask Christ for your example. Christ suffered more than any of you, but he did not regret it. You must atone for your past and become stronger for the future. So be patient and keep the teachings of Christ. That's everything. (A friend's spirit, Luau "Le, 1862)


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