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シアトルの春 地上への降誕の目的 Purpose of birth to the earth








 別のメンバー ───今の質問にはもう一つの意味も含まれていると思うのです。つまり、そうした個的生命も最後は大霊の中に吸収され没入してしまうのかということです。





Purpose of birth to the earth

─── It seems that we are "divine spirits", but if the purpose is to evolve toward the supreme and supreme spirit, why is it "divided"? In other words, why is it that what was originally one is separated and is born in this earthly world with the purpose of returning to the spirit again?

"I want you to ask this question to the ghost, not to me," he joked, and then said in a new tone.

"It's a pretty good question, but unfortunately it comes from a fundamental misunderstanding or misunderstanding. When you say you were" one "with the Spirit, it's from the only absolute source of the Spirit. It means that it is out, and in the same sense, it can be said that all life, all individual beings, and all living things are one in essence.

The individual existence of "you" was not "you" from the beginning, that is, from the time when he was one with the spirit. It was not until I got the medium of expression that I became an existence with the individuality of "you".

Its purpose is to reveal the inner divinity. The divinity that dwells inside is perfect. However, it is only after the activity of manifestation that the seeds germinate, grow and bloom with nutrients such as soil and water, and the beauty and brilliance of the seeds are exhibited to the outside.

There is also the purpose of existence in the earthly form. That is, the divine seeds planted in the physical body experience the process of germination, growth and maturation. Through the unique experience of life on earth, you will acquire the qualities and abilities necessary for the next stage of life that will come after death. "

Another member ─── I think the current question has another meaning. In other words, will such individual life be absorbed and absorbed in the spirit at the end?

"That's right, but it's not like entering the so-called Nirvana. When an individual being disappears, it doesn't come forever. On the contrary, the closer it is to perfection, the more pronounced the individuality. Will become "

─── Is it like a stream flowing into the ocean?

"That's not the case. When a stream flows into the ocean, it disappears. Your existence never loses its individual existence. Personality (the character of the earthly era) changes. However, the characteristics and habits will disappear, but the manifestation as an individual will continue forever.

There can be no limit to growth and development. The more individual you develop, the more harmony you have with the spirit. The more spiritual you are, the closer you are to that spiritual origin. "

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