Monday, November 22, 2021

シアトルの晩秋 小さな生命のともしびが粗末な肉体の中でチラチラと輝いてはいますが、The light of a small life shimmers in a poor body,









Death seems to be the greatest fear for humans. However, in reality, human beings live only after they die. You think you're alive, but in reality you're almost dead. It does not react to spiritual things like a dead person. The light of a small life shimmers in a poor body, but it does not react to spiritual things at all. However, it is growing, albeit gradually. Through our efforts, spiritual forces are increasing in the physical world. If the spiritual light spreads, the darkness will naturally recede. 
-Is there only one spirit world?

The spiritual world is one. However, the form of expression is infinite. Each celestial body other than the earth has its own spiritual world. There is always a spiritual expression behind the physical expression. It is the universe that the infinite spiritual world is united as a whole while being intertwined in double and triple. You know only a few of them. There are still many unknown worlds.

-Is the distribution state geographical?

It's not geographical. There is a difference depending on the degree of mental development. However, it is influenced to some extent by the form of physical expression.

-Does that mean that there is also a "plane" in our human idea?

That's right. It is safe to assume that there are "regions" and "planes" that humans think of, until the stage is affected by physical conditions.

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