Sunday, August 8, 2021

シアトルの夏 あなた方は完全性を備えた種子を宿しているということです。You are harboring seeds with perfection.












You said that God is perfect, but if we humans are imperfect, isn't God imperfect?

"No. You are harboring seeds with perfection. You cannot be perfect until you have the perfect organ of expression to exert that perfection. At present, its expression organ is extremely imperfect.

When we evolve to have a perfect organ of expression, a perfect spiritual body, we will be able to exert perfection, but it will take an infinite amount of time. "

Does that mean that it will take an infinite amount of time for all parts of God to reach the perfect stage?

"No. God is always perfect. However, the expression of the part that is currently manifested in the form of human beings in the physical world is incomplete. That is the effort for perfect expression. "

Is it like having a correct concept that is misunderstood and used by humans?

"That's right. And, even step by step, you have to constantly approach your ideals. There is perfection. I know that you are only a small piece of your true self. I am saying that I have not expressed it.

If you judge you with just one piece that represents your body today, you will come to a very unreasonable conclusion. But that's just part of you.

There is a bigger you, a bigger consciousness, and it is still connected to you. However, it means that it will not be exhibited unless it is given an appropriate organ of expression. " 
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