Friday, August 20, 2021

シアトルの晩夏 生命に「死」はないことを説きます。   no "death" in life.    







Preach that there is no "death" in life. Human beings are immortal and immortal, the person who mourns death, wets his cheeks with tears and breaks up is standing right next to him silently, even if he says "silently", he can hear it. He talks about the fact that he keeps screaming for a long time in a sad voice to let him know that he is there.

Rather, he preaches that humans on earth are dead, unaware of the reality of life, that they are almost dead, and that they are closing their eyes to the infinite beauty of the universe created by the spirits. I will tell you. 
In other words, human beings can only perceive the material world of the earth, which is only a fragment in the infinite universe. In the invisible atmosphere, enormous life activities are unfolding. All you have to do is open the window of your soul and you will recognize its mighty spiritual energy and become strong and strong.

Spiritualism preaches the gospel that all the peoples of the world are spiritual brothers, with the spirit as a common father. Hindering that perception are concepts that only apply to the earth, churches built on false doctrines, possession of privileges, arrogance and power of tyrants, and poor rulers with whips.

The spread of spiritualism teaching means that there will be no conflict between ethnic groups. It means the disappearance of barriers between nations, racial discrimination, class discrimination, and discrimination based on skin color. In addition, it means the disappearance of discrimination by churches, chapels, temples, mosques (Islamic churches), synagogues (Jewish chapels), etc. Because each has some of the truth of the Spirit, and you will understand that no other religion is fundamentally inconsistent with your religion.

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