Thursday, July 1, 2021

シアトルの夏 人生でいちばん大切なこと       The most important thing in life

これをシルバーバーチは〝サービス〟という一語で表現することがある。〝リップサービス〟(口先だけのお上手や見せかけの好意) ではなく、





The Silver Birch ghost has some gems that are consistently preached. One of them is the teaching of "do something useful for people". Silver birch is sometimes expressed by the word "service". Not "lip service" (good lips or fake favors)

Only if we know that fruitful kindness in our daily lives is difficult, we will repeatedly preach such simple teachings that seem to be easy but difficult to carry out, as if we were preaching to a three-year-old child. It is.

The The most important thing in life Séance was established in Barbanell's thirties under the name of "Hannen Swaffer Home Circle" and was held once a week on Friday night. However, from the time I heard the voice of my fifty years old, it became once every two weeks and even once a month, and it became irregular in my seventies.

However, Barbanell's attitude toward the séance did not change consistently. Do nothing ceremonial. He sits casually on the drawing room softer, takes off his glasses, drinks a glass of water, and then meditates. Then the appearance of his face begins to transform into a portrait of the Indian at the beginning.

       Then, while making a snoring-like voice on his nose, he said something to each person with   Munyamunya, and then said, "Let's start," and said the "opening prayer" of invocation. Start to mention.

           Silver Birch


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