Thursday, January 7, 2021

シアトルの冬 受容性に富む魂 Only those souls that accept frankly








With a stubborn heart and a stone-like spirit, the seeds of truth (tan) do not sprout. Receptive souls ─── Only those souls that accept frankly and can follow wherever they lead will blossom.

By the time you feel that way, that is, before you are ready to accept the truth as the core of your soul, you have to endure the many life experiences that are prepared for it.

If you have already gone through that test, at that point you will feel painful, painful and ruthless, and you will be forgotten, ignored, and left alone in the world, and you will be overwhelmed by the harshness of your destiny. You must have thought. However, the soul grows only in the midst of adversity. Gold only appears as pure gold after being crushed and refined.

If you have already had such an experience, you can openly declare that you are entitled to listen to the truths I tell you in this book that you have now. But that doesn't require you to accept everything I say. Feel free to refuse to repel your reason. Please throw away anything that does not fit your common sense.

I am a human being who is no different from you. However, I have come a little further on the path of life that continues after death. Now we're back on the road and telling you what a new and wider life you're going to face as an absolute destiny after crossing the threshold of death. ..

Please be humble and awe-inspiring to welcome the truth. Truth will gladly visit where there is humility and awe. And please give generous hospitality so that the truth that you have visited will stay a little longer. Truth will give you confidence, conviction, comprehension, and above all, irreplaceable spiritual wisdom that will never be lost. 
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