Monday, January 25, 2021

シアトルの冬 知識の貯蔵庫 a store of knowledge










 Here, the members were impressed by Silver Birch's willingness to respond and said it in a humorous manner. 

"Everyone on earth has to gather pieces of knowledge, but we have a store of knowledge organized in a way that is not on earth. Any information is available ─── instantly. There is a knack for putting it in (*). One of the many wonders of our world is that everything is beautifully and exquisitely organized.

Not only in the field of knowledge, but in all resources for the spirit ─── in the fields of literature, art, music, etc. Everything is instantly known and instantly available. It makes me wonder if it's not yet known to humans on earth. "

(* Regardless of whether the spirit is high or low, anyone can know the knack if they can get the hang of it. That is why the spirit that names a historical person needs caution. In other words, the thought of that person and the earth Information on the times is very easy ─── It's as easy as computer information, or even easier, and it's easy to know in detail, so it's not easy to believe just because you're saying something like that. Is. Silver Birch

The same is true when calling a spirit that has just passed away, and pretending to be like that is nothing for the spirit. There is a low-ranking spirit group that specializes in such things and impresses and impresses human beings, and I am delighted to applaud that it will work. There is no danger, but I must not feel sorry for it ─── translator)  


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