Saturday, April 11, 2020

シアトルの春 復活祭   the Easter

高原のスケッチ(ホタルブクロと白樺) イラスト素材 [ 4985898 ...











During the Easter season of one year, Silver Birch compared the dead to the four seasons of the
"Think about the exquisite changes of the four seasons, the uninterrupted eternity, the winter where all life sleeps, the spring when that life awakens, the summer when the world of life competes for beauty, and again the next spring Autumn begins when nature begins to frown in preparation for a sleep until sleep.
The ground is about to enter the wonderful manifestation of nature, spring, Easter, and rebirth. It is a time when new life, life that had been quietly laying quietly and quietly in the darkness of the underground until then, emerges on the ground at once.
Sap activity will soon be felt in your eyes, and buds, young leaves and flowers will soon enter your eyes. Great chorus of new life on the whole earth resonates.
Thus, I would like you to know that in ancient times, religion was based on the movement of the great nature itself.
They sensed the lives of the gods, the invisible power of staring at themselves, in the moving drama of the changing drama of nature. Awe-inspiring at the laws that govern our lives, we considered spring the most important thing as the birth season of life.
The same cycle is repeated in each and every human life. The same thing as the spectacular nature is unfolding in each and every soul.
First, spring comes with the awakening of consciousness. Next comes the summer, when life is at its best. Eventually, the fall begins to fade, and the time of winter dormancy comes to the exhausted soul. But that's not all.
It is the end of material life. At the end of the winter, the soul reaches spring in the next world, thus continuing an eternal cycle.
Take this lesson from nature. And be convinced that the Providence, which has never abandoned you, will continue to work for you, and not all other life, ever. ''

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