Saturday, March 2, 2019

シアトルの弥生 樹木も花も、山も海も、小鳥も動物も、野原も小川も

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Both trees and flowers, mountains, oceans, small birds and animals, fields and streams, please enjoy the summer from now on that will appreciate its beauty. Let's honor God. God is bringing the infinite variety of beauty of its natural wonders. Let's seek fellowship with the power of God working inside of it.

In the quietness of the forest, in the whisper of the wind, in the chirping of the birds, to the branches of the pine trembling in the wind, brought back to the flow of tides, to the incense of flowers, to the sound of insects to the sound of insects Let's find existence.

Please work together with the power hidden behind such wilderness, and make it a little more my own. God speaks to humans in various forms. It is not only in churches and chapels. Not only through the prophets or the spiritual media. It is not just a scripture containing numerous revelations.

The voice of God is hidden among the activities of the great nature. Nature is also God's servant. I want to tell everyone that God's manifesting manifested in such various forms - spontaneous voice and voiceless voice. "

Finally, I finally discussed the fundamental philosophy of work I have promoted for people all over the world, with my circle and circle, and closed the meeting.

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