Monday, January 19, 2015

シアトルの睦月 シーホークスが凄い

          昨日18日はフットボールの強豪シアトル シーホークスにとっては 
     ”皇国ノ興廃コノ一戦ニアリ” と言うような日でした。 
「フットボールを犠牲にして教会に来た」なぞと言う ”たわけ者” もおりましたよ。 
”ザ ロード オブ ザ リングス” の第3部、霊界が動員されたシーンのように、エンジェル軍が助けに来た。そのように私には見えました。 

Yesterday , for Seattle Seahawks and people in Seattle was a big day.
 If  you lost the game in this day, is a big sad day.
Everyone  is fidgeting,  even people in church.
 I am not a football person, I  do not think trying to watch the game from beginning  to the end.
Almost the end of the game , remaining 5 minutes, I joined to my family who were crazy. I could see poor Seahawks , the opposing team is "This game is ours. " in the smiling face.
However, a miracle occurred from there.
Part 3 of "The Lord of the Rings", as in the spirit world were mobilized scene, so it seemed to me that Angel army came to help Seahawks.
Sorry opposing team.

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