Saturday, February 7, 2015

シアトルの睦月 アラビアのロレンス


昔々の名画 ”ベン ハー” の一場面、ベンハーに戦車レースの手ほどきをしたアラブの族長が、ベンハーにダビデの星を見せながら「我々は兄弟だ」と言うような場面がありましたね。ローマに対抗する動機と目的があったとしても、とても印象に残っています。



”砂漠のライオン” とか ”アラビアのロレンス” で知る列強とアラブ人たちの関係は敵対関係、憎しみの連鎖ですね。”ダビテの星” の輝きよりも憎さ100倍。




I remember one scene of "Ben Hur", Tribal chef of Arab who asked to Ben-Hur to join the hose race to defeat Roma. He was showing the Star of David, "We're brothers" to Ben Hur.
That around of history area, It is where Abraham's descendants has swagged. For Abraham's children Isaac and Ishmael were buried together Abraham to cave of Akurabera, wife of Isaac's  eldest son  Esau was a tribe of Ishmael,  it seems Isaac and Ishmael their relation ship  was not so bad, we know their mothers were problem . Hagar was  look down on Sarah when Hagar had baby. Unfortunately Sarah had choose a wicked woman.
Old says Brothers  that the beginning of the others, Abraham's family became big  tribe and  nation. Their fight becomes more  larger, in the 19th century have been a Christian of the youngest brother their power getting strong  came to join in this conflict, even they never have  siblings idea. They have been expanded to global conflict.
"Lion of the Desert" We saw  relationship of powers between the Arab people.  in "Lawrence of Arabia", Hate is 100 times than the brilliance of "Debit's star".
As in Lawrence who worked hard for Arab and his country  but he got discouragement result  from both brothers .
We want to return to the original true family.

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