Tuesday, March 22, 2022

シアトルの春 言語を超越しておられるあなた、     You who transcend language













Oh, a pure white spirit.

How should you explain your infinity to the children who are trapped in matter? You who transcend language, you who cannot be measured by any measure, that wisdom transcends the wisdom of any wise man on earth, and that love surpasses all the love that was once shown on earth. How should I explain you to be infinite?

I am the source of all life, you who manifest your spirituality through all beings, and you who can be found in all living things, without distinction between the physical world and the spiritual world. How should I express it?

I turn my attention to the whole universe and everything that can be manifested in it-the rhythm of life that is manifested in every activity. Ascending and setting sun, constellations shimmering in the night sky, the sound of rain falling on the roof comfortably, the whispering babbling of a stream, the sound of idyllic bees, the lovely flowers swaying in the wind, and the thunder and lightning that cuts through the darkness. I will turn it.

Thus, after directing it to every phenomenon of life, I confidently state that it is an expression of you and your providence. After all, you are exposed to providence itself-because it is manifested as an eternal and immutable providence.

In that manifestation, we, who belong to a higher dimension than the physical world, will thus return to earth to teach the invariant causality known in that dimension, the spiritual world. We reveal you as you are, prove your spiritual superiority over material, teach you the spiritual bond between you and our children, and the children of matter are also part of you. , I want you to understand the fact that your spirituality dwells in every child and always seeks expression.

Oh, a pure white spirit.

We thank you for allowing us, thanks to your wisdom, to awaken the higher ego in the inner part and seek harmony with you, the great source of life. We are seeking and owning your divine heritage and discovering the reality hidden within your soul.

Hopefully in this Temple of Light (Séance), we can prove some of the spiritual providence that has long been forgotten but has been revealed only to the few spiritualists who have sought you.

Here is the prayer of your servant , who only seeks to prove the usefulness of man and the set of love.

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