Sunday, March 6, 2022

シアトルの春 スピリチャリズムによる福音ーカデラック Gospel by Spiritualism-Cadel








Fifth, spiritism is a new science that shows humankind by proving the existence and aspect of the spirit world and its relationship with the material world in an undeniable way. In spiritism, the spirits are not shown as supernatural, but as one of the living forces that work constantly in the natural world, and even today, various spirits are neglected as products of wonder and fantasy due to lack of understanding. It is the root of the phenomenon.

Christ referred to these relationships on many occasions, but many of his statements were not understood or misinterpreted. Spiritism is the key to explaining everything more easily.

the Old Testament law was embodied by Moses. The New Testament law was embodied by Christ. Spiritism is the third revelation of God's law, but it is not embodied in any individual. Because it is the result of the teachings given by the spirits, not the teachings given by humans, it is the voice of heaven transmitted everywhere on earth with the help of countless intermediaries.

In other words, it can be said to be a collective being, which is formed by a set of beings of the spirit world, each of which brings a tribute of light to humanity and informs the spirit world. It teaches us the fate of waiting for humankind.
just as Christ says, "I did not come to break the law, but to fulfill it," so did spiritism, "I did not come to break the law of Christ, but to do it." It is. "

There is no teaching that goes against what Christ taught, and it is further developed, supplemented, and explained in clear words to everyone, which was stated only in the form of parables. He came to accomplish what Christ had proclaimed when he was prophesied, and to prepare for future events.

Therefore, spiritism is the work of Christ, and as its proclamation, it is commanding to rehabilitate the world and prepare the kingdom of God on earth.

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