Sunday, February 27, 2022

シアトルの冬 始まりも終わりもない旅…その始まり  A journey that never begins or ends ... the beginning!

世界心霊宝典スピリチュアリズムの真髄  ジョン・レナード著

①Big bang 138 億年前 



 その全能の力こそ大宇宙の根源力すなわち〝神〟なのである。そして、それが永遠の〝動き〟となって発展したのがこの宇宙なのだ。まさに“〝物〟と〝動き〟こそ宇宙の根源的条件なのである。(Nature's Divine Revelations)

 その液状の火の固まりが熱と光と電気とを次々に発しながら物的宇宙空間に広がり、やがて凝結して数知れぬ天体組織となったと言うのである。        (世界心霊法典ⅲ スピリチュアリズムの神髄℘39)から

A journey that never begins or ends ... the beginning!

① Big bang 13.8 billion years ago

"When the heavens and the earth were still undivided, the universe was a sea of ​​liquid fire with no human intelligence or language. It is beyond the reach of human beings. What exists is just an endless sea of ​​liquid fire, and the endless things are beyond the scope of human wisdom. It is a primitive form of material.

It has no individual form. Because the whole is one. There is no individual movement. Because I am immersed in the eternal movement. There is no partial existence. This is because the whole is one. There are no molecules. The whole is one molecule. There is no sun either. Because the whole is an eternal solar being.

There is no beginning, so there is no end. This is because it forms an infinite vortex with no length. There is no relative force. Because it is the essence of all power in itself. It is an omnipotent power with immeasurable bottom power.

The omnipotent power is the primordial power of the universe, that is, "God". And it is this universe that has evolved into an eternal "movement". Indeed, "things" and "movements" are the fundamental conditions of the universe. (Nature's Divine Revelations)

It is said that the mass of liquid fire spreads into physical outer space while emitting heat, light, and electricity one after another, and eventually condenses into countless celestial tissues. From (World Spiritual Code Ⅲ Spiritualism essence ℘39)

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