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シアトルの冬 事もあろうに.........

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氏の見解によると、預言者マラキは ”人間は兄弟姉妹” だと言っているので、グローバリストなのだそうです。氏曰く旧約の預言者はグローバリスト、ナショナリストが交互に現れて来ていたと申しております。この方は丹念に預言者達の書を読んでおられるようです。




唯物論的グローバリストも神様のマネをして ”兄弟姉妹” と言いはしますけれど,彼らの目的は彼らの物的損得の為のカモフラージュに過ぎないと、私たちの多くは知っています。



氏がよく勉強する方であるとお見受けしていたのですけれど, それならもうちょっと深く勉強したのちに、人間にとって重要な宗教の話をしてほしいものです。

As a matter of fact, one Japanese who is  an international critic.
According to Mr. 's view the prophet Malachi is globalist because who said "human beings are brothers and sisters". So Mr. says that the Old Testament prophet were appearing as nationalists and globalist alternately.
Is this mean? Jesus of Nazareth, who came as a culmination of the Old Testament prophets, is also a globalist. So the Creator who sent the Christ and the Prophet to the world also a globalist ?
People who are now called globalist mean those who worship materialism. In other words, people who is working for  world free exchange of material, money and people  that purpose to make confuse the world for their own benefits.
However, for those who belong to at least Christianity are naturally to say, humans are brothers and sisters, centering in  God.   We know God  is not a stingy to racial discrimination.
Materialistic globalist also says "We are brothers and sisters", but many of us know that their own purpose without God.
Therefore, we will not make together people who call the world materialistic globalist and people sending by God. there must be no one who says God is a materialistic global list.
Mr's opinion was quite appreciated for me used to but he made me so disappointed.
I saw that Mr. is a good study,  so I would like him to talk about important religions for us need more deep  study.

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