Monday, December 4, 2017

シアトルの冬 クリスマスのお話

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今年はショッピング エリアに人出が多いように思えます。郵便局も既にかなりの列が出来ているし,何かと景気がいいのでしょうかね。


木の葉が落ちて冬至を向かえる12月21日まで昨日も今日も、日暮れが早く侘しく、12月3日に見られたというスーパームーンを見ようなぞとは所詮無理なお話です。それでもお隣のロシアさんたちのホームタウンである冬になれば、昼でも暗いサンクト ペテルブルグよりはまだましだけれどと思いつつもやれやれです。




We are Seattle people preparing for Christmas, right after Thanksgiving day or Thanksgiving day.
There are many people in the shopping area in this year. The post office has already made a considerable line, and I wonder if the economy is good for something.
Residents of Seattle who have a lot of rain as you know, After Halloween is over, we will have the days of rain and rain until the next spring. We don't know how long. Anyway we are going to have rainy days, until April or May or June, so it is said the number of people in Seattle are depressed more than another city .
Dark and rain, it is still better than winter in Saint Petersburg , the home town of the neighbor of Russia. Yes but it is still awful season we are having.
That's why at our home we like to have a Christmas light on Thanksgiving Day. This is good to help dark rainy day make bright.
The history of Christianity in 2000 is a history that has been created valuable days along involving of pagan gods, centered on the Christian missionary in Europe. This Christmas Day setting also celebrates the dark winter day brightly as Jesus' birthday following after winter solstice festival spread all over Europe from long ago. After Christmas people were waiting thought cold winter until spring comes it is Easter. How matched with nature.

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