Sunday, November 26, 2017

シアトルの晩秋 ピルグリムファザーズ考



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Pilgrim Fathers is the Exodus of the 17th century.
They  ran away to the Netherlands, but they were realized, afraid that the children will become the Netherlands. So they wanted new earth. it was America.
The new land was different from the land of Canaan and the Netherlands because  native Indians helped them. It would have been almost impossible for them to survive without the help of the Indians.
The era of this gratitude was over soon, struggling was started with Indians because of land and food. See this picture there is no Indians in the picture of the Independence Declaration signature ,  It is strange to say that there is no Indian figure, and for many people it is a natural painting but for me this is sad.
Especially at this year 's Thanksgiving , I can notice  it seems  big countries that have some negotiation  in under the table and over the head they  are planning around our country.

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