Saturday, July 29, 2017

シアトルの盛夏 現在の日本情勢は


The current situation in Japan is the same as the signing of the New Security Treaty by the Kishi Cabinet in 1960 and it is the same as the era of the security struggle after wards.
Mas media made hysterical noise same as now days.  May yang age, I was not interested in the political field but it was  the extremely deflected dignity coverage was a sense of crisis. I was afraid this mass media destroyed Japan. It was a mass media used by the ideology of the country and people with the purpose of world domination. For me it was not so difficult to know that there is a plan to destroy Japan and to put it under control for their purpose.
Time is passed We know still  that power existing with hatred. Now it is directed to Prime Minister Abe, the grandson of former Prime Minister Kishi Shinsuke.
Even more than that time, the consciousness of ordinary people is higher, and I am convinced that it is now time to judge what makes us happy.

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