Tuesday, October 27, 2015

シアトルの秋 極東の凄まじさは

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we know South Korean president has been  the Tell-Tale diplomacy of Japan, now likewise doing of Leader of China.
Empire of Japan was presented that  giving a lots of difficulties to around  Japan , after wore new Japan paid compensation to affected countries. even though paid the prize tattle this people who spend one's time doing in  but we can think that there is some secret plan they have.
Smart people  are analyzed this problems, anyway we  do not like  the way  of China.
Finally the American president  been pushed out to the public opinion,   sent a destroyer in the East China Sea.
How to become this matter.
We know that this is not the era that show off power to make trouble to others, we like  to see the leader with a creative brain and a heart.

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