Tuesday, October 6, 2015

シアトルの秋 ドローンを見た話

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無人スパイ機みたいな危険な話でしたけれど、”ドローン” の発音が、お化けとか化け狸を発想してしまいます。 
あれがかの有名な ”ドローン” というものなのか。 

For drone, around this spring  in Japan, one drone fell to the Prime Minister's Office. It was a big news.
 pronunciation of "drone", it is something funny sound like monster raccoon. for me not really care when your pronunciation in English, so I did not  paying special attention.
Only around last fall, one company that delivers the home delivery of Christmas gift by this kind of machine had been  rumors.
I wondered many machines are flying around in the sky  it comes  as dragonfly  to each home? I was expected but it did not happen in last year.
Yesterday I saw from my room in  the second floor man in next door had a something  mysterious object   in the air, I wanted to show to the son or husband, unfortunately they were doing something busy.
"Not a kite nor airplane" I explained to son about neighbors mysterious object .  "would drone".Son said so.
That was famous "drones" .
It was a story that was much excitement for me.
And this is  going to become a big presence from now on.

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