Saturday, September 19, 2020

シアトルの初秋 地球は火焔と嵐のなかで誕生し、  The earth was born in flames and storms

 秋の八千穂高原・苔の森と白樺林 - YouTube

   問 ー ということは、大霊も進化しているということでしょうか?





Question-Does that mean that the spirits are also evolving?

It's not. The Great Spirit is a law, and that law is perfect. However, the part that is manifested in the material world is governed by the law of evolution. Don't forget that the earth is also evolving. Earthquakes, storms and lightning are manifestations of that evolution. The earth was born in flames and storms and is still evolving towards completion.
The beauty of sunset and sunrise, the glittering constellations of the night sky, and the chirping of fun little birds belong to the spirit, and storms, lightning, thunder, and heavy rain are not unrelated to the spirit. All of that is done by the absolute law of the soul.
In the same way, you say that the Great Spirit can manage humans who are corrupt or do harm to others. However, each human being is given a free will, and with the evolution of spirituality, he/she will acquire the proper usage. The higher you go up in spiritual evolution, the more free will you can exercise. In other words, your present spirituality is your limit.
However, since you are also a part of the soul, you can overcome all difficulties and obstacles in your life. The spirit is superior to the substance. The spirit is the king and the substance is the servant. The spirit reigns over everything. The essence of all life. The spirit is life, and life is spirit.

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