Monday, January 13, 2020

シアトルの冬 神は全てに宿っております。     God lives in everything,

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God lives in everything. I am in the wrong and the right. We live in sunlight, storms, beautiful things, and ugly things. God dwells in the sky, the sea, thunder and lightning.

Do you understand? God is not something that can be limited to a certain range. The entire universe is God's creation, and the spirit of God permeates through it. You can't say that you cut out something and this is not God's.

Nikko is the grace of God, and the storm that ruins crops is not a devil's work. God lives in everything. The existence of you is an organ that receives and takes thoughts.

But what kind of thoughts you receive and what kind of thoughts you get depends on your personality and spirituality. If you live your life, your thoughts will be perfect. However, as long as you are a child of man, you have all the troubles. I guess so? "

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