Saturday, December 22, 2018

シアトルの冬 冬至とクリスマス








Today is the winter solstice. I forget about it.
In order to celebrate Jesus' birth, I spent the day like used be, taking care of Christmas cards and packing gifts , but it is said that this winter solstice and Christmas It is also a special day of the Creator and people.


[Twice a year, at the time of Christmas and Easter, along with other guiding spirits, Silver Birch attended the Great Council held in the  spirit world, we will be present at the place where it will be. The central figure of this meeting is a person called "Jesus of Nazareth" on the earth. We can get spiritual energy and inspiration from Jesus.  and return to the earth. Silver Birch speaks about the situation at that time -]

Jesus' loving words at that time - encouraged  of the accomplishments that we had done so far and to push forward with new force, new hope, new vision towards new goals I want to tell you that warm love when Jesus give it to me, but I can not explain enough to you that beautiful moment. It is not a deified Jesus Christ that the church preaches talk to you. It is one great spirit who works for large projects of global purification through many volunteers.

Christmas means the birth of the sun, which symbolizes the beginning of a new era as influence becomes particularly strong. That is, it is the end of the cycle mentioned earlier and the beginning of a new cycle.

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