Thursday, July 26, 2018

シアトルの盛夏 暑い夏

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日本列島が大変な暑さに見舞われているそうですけれど、”シアトルも暑いです” と遠慮がちに言わなければなりません。


私たち家族もその昔、ロシアのロストフ ナ ダヌーで45度の夏を過ごしましたけれど,日本のような湿度の高さではありませんでした。赤道直下のウガンダにも住みましたけれど、日本のような湿度の高さではありませんでした。



 Japanese  is suffering from a huge heat.  I have to say  "Seattle is also hot."but  there is no height of  humidity like in Japan. But this heat is not only Japan but also US and another  countries , in the desert of California or Arizona, 52 degrees or 48 degrees is recorded,  a wildfire is generated, warning for the dog  going for a walk need shoes. So hot but  the humidity will be as high as in Japan.
Our family also spent a summer of 45 degrees in Russia's Rostov na Danu, but it was not as high as humidity like in Japan. We also lived in Uganda just under the equator, but it was not like the humidity like in Japan.
Many many years I lived out of Japan, I will never forget the high humidity of the Japanese summer where I lived over 30 years.  Because of uncomfortable humidity I lost the motivation to study for home work in summer vacation , not only that the mosquitoes suffering in a sweaty body  It was the worst.
Speaking of the winter this year, there are record of deep snow in the Moscow , and it is said that warming or  entering the ice age, but seems like there is no definitive fact on this, "Global warming. Warming. "People who say loudly is suffering like a mosquito in a sweaty body.

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