Saturday, August 13, 2016

シアトルの盛夏 元気な日本になって欲しい

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Anti-Japanese mass media and the anti-Japanese people who are existing in Japan from the old days, (I mean Security Treaty MPs against in year '60,'70.) They do not have a changed a bit now. In the world is noisy comes to  here such people and the press work together with  unreasonable neighboring countries that threaten to the  Japan, give the advantage to the other country by passing the make up stories, everything of Japan. I think these people whoever hate Japan  better to leave, have a  pleasant life in the favorite country. Other hand Japan has been smaller and smaller there is loosing energy in the nation that   going up many many ears.That the national power is in decline, tyrant serving neighboring countries it seems to be  overlooked.  Peoples' life, politics, economy, education etc.  I want Japan to become healthy and strong.

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