Wednesday, November 11, 2015

シアトルの秋 アメリカの温泉

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「日本だったら、沢山の情緒ある温泉宿ができるのに。なんかもったいないな」 温泉好きの私は思うのですけれど、息子が言うには「自然のままにしておくのさ。温泉は熊も使っているし、ほかの動物達も使っているのだからね。」 

Living for a long time in the United States, but I did not have a chance to visit  the world's oldest national park of Yellowstone.  Recently I went to visit  friends who live in Utah with son. Way back to Seattle  we have been passing through the only small part of Yellowstone.
Small part of Yellowstone has passed it was southwest where around the geyser that was on a large scale of the Owakudani Kowakidani of Hakone.
In America  to call hot spring that mean not hotel existing to enjoy take hot spring. Around here Yellowstone, you can get in  where it is the hot springs in the river if you want.
"In Japan, wherever hot spring is, there are a lot of beautiful hotel for people to  enjoy . different from America" I said so because I love hot spring so much. My son said "We should keep nature as it is. Bear use hot spring also another animals."
I see. Not good for human-like take from them. Because  it's a big country that there is room to think of others.

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