Saturday, March 14, 2015

シアトルの弥生 どの国に行っても人間性は変わらない Human nature does not change

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地球上のどこに行っても ”人間性は変わらない Human nature does not change" 
彼が若かった頃ソビエト ロシアの覇権は世界中多くの所に及び、兵士であった彼はロシア軍の行く所どこにでも行ったそうです。 

Ayako Sono's recent trouble that a lot of comments on the remarks,  recently I found one comment was touched me that  " Where ever you go Human nature does not change ."
We family because of the missionary, we went Africa, Russia some years we spent . In Russia, we met  one  veterans who told us his experience about many countries he went.
At the hegemony time of Soviet Russian to the world, he was young soldier went anywhere follow to the Russian army was.
End of  his story about many countries, He said,  "People are all same wherever you go"
We also had reached the understanding about people that  "wherever you go people are  same"
People who live in the earth, We wish stable happy myself , family, society, the nation. Wherever we go bad people are existing, everyone does not want such a people.
I was impressed the outlook on life of Russian veterans, that he went around the world belong to communist military  that they don't  believe in God, we went to the world in the position of missionary we believe in God, opposite side of  the people are found same understanding about people. .
Not the skin color and language and lifestyle, everyone likes good people, good world. 

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