Thursday, June 10, 2021

シアトルの夏 シルバーバーチの祈 Silver birch prayer













Oh, the Great white spirit.

You who are made to be the arbitrator of all life. You who are made to be the Lord of the kingdom where "death" does not exist. We are the ones who are all-encompassing and benevolent, and who are trying to reveal you who are manifested in the great panorama of the laws of nature.

We reveal you as a spirit of perfect justice and wisdom, a being that is latent in all life and is expressed in all living beings.

Oh, the spirit. You will be impoverished and infinite, and you will be made to exist beyond the understanding of children. However, it is still possible to know you. Because you are manifested in every phase of life, regardless of the physical and spiritual dimensions.

You are in the song of a little bird. You can see you in the twinkling of stars in the night sky, in the twinkling of raindrops. You are in the babbling of a stream, in the sound of bees, in the branches of trees swaying in the wind. You are in the roaring thunder and the wrath of the ocean. You are also in the rising sun and in the faint moonlight.

You are in every phase of life. But when human spirituality moves to manifest your love and goodness in the act of service, self-sacrifice, and idealism, it is shown in the form closest to you.

As your messengers from the spiritual world, we were once revealed to only a limited number of human beings and can now glimpse your plans beyond the physical realm. We are trying to reveal the work of providence, which is being revealed to all, as your work itself.

We, who have been released from the bondage of matter and are now living in a larger world, will return to the earth according to your law, teaching and comforting that love will never disappear and seek the other person forever. We are trying to bring conviction, guidance and hope, knowledge and inspiration, wisdom and truth to our fellow earthly compatriots.

Thus, in the experience of reunion with the sadness and love of separation, your children will become aware of your inner spirituality, and will be inspired by the spirit world to devote themselves as your tool and save those who suffer. Let us show your spirituality in our daily lives and treat everyone with your will.

We will also return to the earth with that will, try to help everywhere, strengthen the spiritual bond that connects all human beings on the earth, and of all life. I am trying to recognize the oneness behind me.

Hopefully your power will manifest through all the passages (people) that you aspire to be your temple on earth.

Here is the prayer of your servant


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