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シアトルの春 死ぬことの意味  愛する人たちの待つ世界へ   Meaning of dying To the world where loved ones wait

シルバーバーチのSPな法則フランク ニューマン

 第五章 死ぬことの意味  愛する人たちの待つ世界へ



 「これと同じ循環(サイクル) が一人ひとりの生命にも繰り返されているのです。大自然の壮観が一つひとつの魂にも繰り広げられるのです。まず、個的意識が芽生える春、内在する才覚が全開する夏、生命力が衰えを見せ始める秋、そして疲れた魂に安らぎの眠りが訪れる冬」



 生命の冬が訪れると、絶対に避けられないもの、すなわち 「死」 に直面します。



Silver Birch's SP Law Frank Newman

Chapter 5 Meaning of dying To the world where loved ones wait

The following words of Silver Birch, which describe the period of existence (lifetime) of human beings on the earth, should be noted as a good expression of the continuity of life in nature, not just human beings.

"Think of the splendor of the four seasons. The eternal cycle that continues without any deviation, that is, the winter when all life sleeps, the spring when life wakes up from sleep, the hidden beauty of life. Summer when it is fully open, and autumn when nature quietly prepares for winter sleep. "

"The same cycle is repeated in each person's life. The spectacular nature of nature is unfolded in each soul. First, in the spring when individual consciousness grows, the inherent talent is fully opened. Summer, autumn when vitality begins to decline, and winter when a peaceful sleep comes to a tired soul. "

"However, after the winter (death) of physical life, the spring of awakening in another dimension will come and the eternal cycle of life will continue. Learn this message from nature.

And be confident that providence, which has never stopped working, will continue to work in your life, and in all life. "

When the winter of life comes, we will face something that is absolutely inevitable, that is, "death."

"There is a physical body, there is a spiritual body, and there is a string of life that connects the two, the so-called silver cord.

As illness, weakness, and old age creep into the physical body, the code becomes loose. It also means that, from the perspective, separation from the physical world is in progress. There are also material, spiritual, and spiritual causes of the three creeping causes. "

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