Monday, June 15, 2020

シアトルの夏 物質科学から霊的科学へ       From material science to spiritual science







ベールの彼方の生活  GV オーエン著

Even when humankind exits the vast bedroom that devours awakening and long laziness, progressing to the dawn of active activity, when the first distant world layer that should be reached in the future is for the first time, the mausoleum of the gods is still open. It was being done.
Although the science on the ground was overwhelmed by victory, if we made a leap afterwards, the science of the world of the five senses collapsed from the root, and it entered the world of science beyond the physical scale. Ironically, the universal science of physical science has driven that far.
Signs and wonders (a spiritual phenomenon, John 4:48-translator) are now spoken in various forms, and what was once told in the secret story came to be enthusiastically spoken.
Look around you. The smiling faces of countless spirits active on the surface of the ocean, the earth, can be seen. You will certainly hear it without speaking. Even if you can't see yourself, you will see our fingertips rippling on the surface of the water.
Humans say we can't feel our existence. However, our existence always covers the human world, and when we put our fingers into each pie made by humans, we are happy. It does not pick up the plums inside.
I will never do it. Rather, the taste of ours should make it even more delicious.

The Life Beyond the Veil

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