Monday, October 28, 2019

シアトルの秋 タネ蒔きと刈り取り The providence of harvesting

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“The providence of harvesting and mowing is something that we would like more people to understand than the providence of nature. In the natural work of the earth producing fruit, You should read how the spiritual providence is absolute, and if you are familiar with the earth and are familiar with the work of nature's providence, you should be impressed with the wonderfulness of the mechanism and orderly. In the course of causal relations, you should be able to realize the spirit of God who planned it all, that is, the will of God.

The sowing seed brings fruit. Seeds are honest. You can never lettuce with a tomato seed. The solicited cause (seen) has a corresponding result , honestly following the providence of nature. What can be said about the natural world also applies to the human world.
Those who have sought for selfishness must reap the reward of selfishness. Those who have sinned must reap the reward of their sins. Those who are not forgiving, hard, and selfish must reap the consequences of forgiveness, stubbornness and selfishness. Only this providence cannot be changed. Forever unchanged. Any religious ritual, any hymn, any prayer, or any scripture cannot interfere with the causality and change it in a convenient manner.

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