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シアトルの初秋  全能でしかも慈悲ある存在     the great spirit (God) as an omnipotent and merciful being

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Question -  "Is it correct to describe the great spirit (God) as an omnipotent and merciful being?"

“It ’s okay. The great spirit is omnipotent because its power manifests itself as a law of nature that governs the universe and all forms of life that exist there. What is higher than the great spirit and greater than the great spirit. There is nothing more powerful than the Spirit, and the universe is governed by laws that have no wisdom and merciful purpose, and all the life goes from darkness to light, from the low There is no doubt that it is evolving from high to imperfect, from imperfect to complete.
This means that the element of mercy is dispensed into the providence. But don't forget that the merciful providence is also mechanical. It is mechanical in the sense that it cannot interfere with the work of causality with any force.
No matter how spiritual, a spirit cannot prevent the process of producing a result with mathematical accuracy. There is providence mechanicality. I said that because there is only the term mechanical, but this term doesn't make me feel that the dynamic energy with intellectual and purpose-consciousness is behind it.
The concept I am trying to convey is a god that is omnipotent, merciful, complete and infinite, but without the “human god” element that people on earth tend to imagine. However, since God is an infinite great spirit, the way of manifestation is infinite. Each one of you is a miniature god. Each person has a spark of perfection as God and a part of the soul, the essence of all life. It is possible to exist just because of the sparks. However, at the present stage where it manifests in the form of earthly humanity, you are in an imperfect state.
God's spark is perfect. The side that it manifests through your body is extremely imperfect. After death, ether body, ghost body, or spiritual body-whatever you call is fine. In short, it should be understood as the body to be used after death—to express the ego, but then the imperfection will be less than at present. As you go up and down the spirit world, imperfections decrease, and the inner divinity becomes more apparent. So it's a matter of degree, perfect and good and imperfect.

The Spirit of Silver Birch-The Best Gospel for Humanity on Earth

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