Friday, August 3, 2018

シアトルの盛夏 アメリカのブラックベリー

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向こう隣の若いカップルは昨年引っ越してくるやいなや、ケミカルで退治してしまいました。私たちはどちらかといえば自然派なのですけれど、これには ”羨ましい。” と息子に打診すると、断じてケミカルはダメなのだと申しまして、更には自然の供給を拒むことはよろしくないとも言いまして、涙を飲んだのでした。


”やはり” アメリカのブラックベリーはその昔どこかの国からやってきて、旺盛な繁殖力で西海岸一体に蔓延し人々はとても困ったそうです。シアトルではヤギに食べさせることによって問題を解消したとのお話を知りました。

”やはり” 気の毒にも厄介者の部類に入っているのですね。


Blackberry has been highly appreciated as a fruit with excellent efficacy in health and beauty.

I found this kind of article for me  such a sweet people.
Because of this summer is our family who are challenging to stop blackberry spreading in our one acre.
If we weed out one meter, it will increase back by 3 meters. This is our  summer fight with our neighboring apartment.  But this summer we have decided  finally complete the weeding.
The young couple next door is moving in last year and has got rid of it by chemicals. "Jealous." I told my son my son told me no chemicals not only that can not refuse the supply of nature.
When I read an Japanese article about blackberry. They handled it very easily, so  I searched for and found. They are different kind that we have.
"After all" American blackberry came from some country it was long time ago, spreading around west coast  that made for people  in big trouble. In Seattle I learned the story that it solved the problem by letting goats eat.
"After all"  in the category of troublesome.
Let's our family are working hard again today also.
Even so, there is no doubt that the efficacy of Blackberry is highly appreciated.

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  1. 憧れのブラックベリー、なんて思うことが多かったですよ。