Monday, May 28, 2018

シアトルの皐月 メモリアルデー

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Memorial day of this year we were  able to spend like Memorial Day.
Because We went to visit the cemetery of veteran's for our father who was the Second World War Veteran who passed away last September.
We came to the cemetery even the early morning,  there are  a lots of cars in there.
In the cemetery  were filled with the large and small Stars and Banners, the bomber at the time of the second World war was turning in the sky.
I envy the country that  have a national army. Japan alone in the world is a difference with another country which we don't have national army.
Each tomb  are set up with small US flag. I found some one has two  small flags. One is US flag another one is red flag standing  on each side of the grave. My husband said  they were tombs of those who died in war.   There are not a tomb of a person who has killed in war.  There were a lot of warriors who were able to return. So, many returned people who lived long life like our father and enjoyed their lives happy enough to enter the cemetery in group of Veterans.
There are a place of memorials of only young people who were killed at all in war like Normandy's cemetery.
It is a day to think of the people who went by.

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