Wednesday, February 28, 2018

シアトルの弥生 自衛

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トランプ大統領の 「教師に銃を」発言で日本人はビックリし血相を変えて非難するけれど,トランプ氏はその地の人々を集めて実に丁寧に彼らの意見を聞いたそうです。その時の一つの提案として持ち出された発言で、この言葉だけが一人歩きをしたので、特に日本人には驚きであることでしょう。


そのような日本ですから、保守派の各分野の人々は色々な方法で警告を発しております。それというのもアメリカでは第二次大戦時の民主党ルーズベルト政権が、スターリンに操られ行くべき方向を致命的に間違ていた事実が解明されて見直され、(日本でも同じことが起こっておりまして、) 今のアメリカの世界政策に変化をもたらしているからです。


President Trump 's "guns to teacher" remarks Japanese people are surprised and blaming condemned, but Mr. Trump gathered people in the area and he heard their opinions very carefully. It is a remark that was brought out as a proposal at that time, as only this word walked alone, it is surprising especially for Japanese people.
We are not yet living in heaven, but the reaction of the Japanese people is. It is a surprise of the world countries that there is no army in Japan. Countries next to Japan have set up a tremendous destructive weapon toward Japan, warships and military airplanes violate territorial waters every day and  every day, and even though they are being destroyed as  information manipulation by operators.
Because it is such Japan, people in various fields of conservatives are giving warnings in various ways. Because the fact that the Democratic Party of Roosevelt regime at the time of World War II was handled by Stalin so the United States to make a big mistake as well as Japan.  Because of this lesson  it is changing the current world policy of the United States.
The enemy against God will become more sophisticated. Looking at the facts, accepting, digesting and not having an easy delusion, the common people of the grassroots also become smarter.

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