Tuesday, October 3, 2017

シアトルの秋 送った日

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オヤマー! 男の子ですね。


yesterday was the day my 95 - year - old father - in - law was buried in the National Cemetery under the ritual as a veteran. 
Our Japanese we do not have an army in our homeland so  funerals of military which can only be seen in movies and TV images, but it seems that is commonplace in other countries so Russia next door also said, "My father is also 16 years serving the army , it was a military burial. "About ten ceremonial soldiers kept their hearts in mind that they took charge of ceremonies. In the midst of world peace that is not yet peaceful, the country has many problems to be defended. To protect our families, those who apply for military service to defend their homeland  those who know war most how  miserable is that they are most want avoid war . 
Our sun was excited because of artillery funeral salute  performed, but one Great-grandson who is about 5 years old, he looks so sad and left.
It is not the age to mourn for the great grandfather so my husband called his mother what happened. His mother said, he  wanted the remains of the bullets after the ceremony, but the ceremonial person handed over to my uncle without giving me  that he was very sad. he wanted to share  with the another two cousin who were present together.What a surprise! that a boy.This morning his mother came to collect the remains.As there was a disaster in Las Vegas the same day, a major debate on gun control may occur again in the United States.

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