Saturday, August 26, 2017

シアトルの晩夏  お金に目が眩む,心が眩む

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”欧米は血を持って自由,平等,博愛を勝ち取ったのでその貴重さを身をもって良く知っている。それに比べると我々日本人は。。” と幕末の頃西洋に出会って以来多くの日本人は学んできたものです。特に敗戦後は。 
多分我々が ”イデオロギーの前に彼らが堂々としている、” と思っていた姿はかなりの幻想であったのかもしれません。

" The West has won freedom, equality fraternity in shed blood that why they know well the preciousness about it, compared to it, we Japanese .."  Many  Japanese have learned. Especially after world war 2.
Now I can only think that its expiration date has passed when I look at the recent Westerners,  because of  them following after money , resources and some positions even provide by communist Dictatorship.
Perhaps the figure that we thought as "they are majestic before the ideology" may have been a fantastic illusion.
The symbol of civilization is a world city, an artificial place separated from Mother Earth, released from all traditional cultural forms, designed for practical and economic purposes. Humans gathered here are citizens who do not have a hometown, sleeping first in high-rise tenement houses. (Omission) From this extremely strengthened intellectual life leaving the earth, infertility phenomenon occurs, population decline continues, world cities become ruined. Intelligence is destroyed with hollowed democracy, civilization collapses. After the economy dominated thought (politics / religion), Western civilization will perish in the 21st century. "    Spengler "The Fall of the West" by 1918

It is right now.
And there must be a fetal movement in which new things are born.

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