Wednesday, April 12, 2017

シアトルの春 世界の世話役

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Missile attack to Syria was big surprise to  the world.
America First, or no more world police,  President Trump said?  Is it?  something that but anti - tramp CNN,  Hillary or McCain supported Trump.This is truly American.If a country or people do what everyone thinks bad on the world, people think that someone should sanction.Is not it the United States that can respond to do?American big economic power and military power over other countries are need to use for world stability and peace.Certainly the United States is not perfect peacemaker to us that we know but  much better than any other country in the world that we know.  Russia did good job to  Syria?  How about China. did good job to North Korea?  We know that the situation only gets worse. Also we know UN can not  help so much.We need a caretaker in the world.

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