Thursday, December 31, 2020

シアトルの冬 夜空に見える星は........ the star in the night sky


質問 ー 夜空に見える星はただの物体でしょうか。それとも生命が存在するのでしょうか










Question -  "Is the star in the night sky just an object, or is there life?"

"It seems that we have entered a little deeper. Knowledge of the earthly world has not reached its limit yet, but our world is far from the limit. The highest world in the universe. There are innumerable lives at various conscious stages, from angelic beings to the lowest souls whose consciousness finally blinks.

Do not assume that conscious life is confined to the earth. The earth is only one of the innumerable celestial bodies. The spirit of the universe with infinite wisdom cannot give an infinite place of life to the infinite number of lives in the infinite conscious stage in the infinite universe.

There are innumerable celestial bodies with organic life. However, that life does not always take the form you are accustomed to. The above explanation is my best. "

Silver Birch

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