Wednesday, July 27, 2016

シアトルの盛夏 良い話はありますか

Image result for 夏の野菜畑無料イメージ

娘がアイルランドから里帰りしていたりして、忙しい時を過ごしながら、耳に入ってくるニュースの実におぞましい事限りなく、心に染み入る良い話はないものかと、あちこち聞き耳を立てても音沙汰もなく、”ポケモンでも探しに行こうかな” と人は思うのですかね。


I was having  busy time in beginning of summer, daughter had been homecoming from Ireland, while spending the  busy time,  the incoming news were so bad. I need some good news to washout me. So  I think people going out look around "Pokemon".  

Thanks for nature is always calm, is a healing of mind.
This year I made  a flower garden and a vegetable garden in a new house that we moved, the flowers were  quite spontaneously survival , vegetables are need a lots of attention also need watch out pests and animals. I can understand  farmers hard work.