Saturday, May 28, 2016

シアトルの皐月 メモリアル デーとオバマ大統領と伊勢志摩サミット

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アメリカは ”メモリアル デー” ウィークエンドです。 

なにごとの おはしますをば しらねども かたじけなさに なみだこぼるる 
Last Monday of the May is Memorial Day in America, The Stars and stripes are shining beautiful in everywhere.
Few days ago in Japan, President Obama who made a heart full speech in the Hiroshima atomic bomb memorial after Ise, Shima summit.
This summit was something good and different as first they went Ise shrine to worship.I hope summit members who felt the pure aura in Ise shrine.
In the old days  I loved shrines and temples tour even I was a Christian,
The different spiritual atmosphere of the temples and shrines of each, but Ise Shrine was exceptional. In a completely different world of atmosphere  in one step in shrine, grateful of the  prayer over the history all my body and mind were moved with tears.

The famous poet of the song that "I was tears because of pure Spirit"

Leaders of the world, we want them to bring back pure spirit to their countrys contribute to peace in the country and the world.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

シアトルの皐月 日本でも。。。。

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”日本よお前もか” と言いたくなる数々の嬉しくないお話。 
”お天道様はいつも見ている” 昔から言われてきましたね。

その昔、私は ”誇りある三菱” の社員でした。 

最後の審判の日には「主は、やみの中に隠れた事も明るみに出し、心の中のはかりごとも明らかにされます」(1コリ 4: 5)。

Many kind of news in the world are not pleased all."What to you, Japan"  many of the unhappy story.In particular for me, Tokyo Governor of Japan.and Mitsubishi Motors problem.The time, this Governor was appointed  I knew he had the unacceptable  problems as a human.  Tokyo citizens elected this person, it was truly hard to understand for me.I am appreciate that came out about him in the  daylight."Heaven is always watching you" It has been said .
Mitsubishi Motors of the fraud problem of fuel test. In the old days I was employee of the "proud Mitsubishi".Many many Mitsubishi employees who  in the morning  rush,  going to work wearing the Mitsubishi batch proudly  in  jacket.Many Many ears this company has been continues to this kind of cheating.
The doomsday "the main, it was hidden in the darkness even out to light, counsel in the heart will also be revealed" (1 stiffness 4: 5). 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

シアトルの皐月 アメリカ大統領の笑顔

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”行く川の流れは絶えずして、しかももとの水にあらず” 歴史は巡り、さて何がどう変わろうとも、希望を見つけてまいりましょう。

Smile of some President of the United States was nice, it was the time of the American gold age.
Eisenhower his smile was a supremely charming, Reagan's smile was refreshing and nice.
After them we are not able to see such a nice smile, the two presidential candidate who are the winning we can see only  angry face.
 let's continue to find hope.